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Strategic Research & Development Plan 2012-17

Grains Industry National RD&E Strategy

In April 2011, the Grains Industry National Research, Development and Extension Strategy (Grains Industry National RD&E Strategy) was finalised and endorsed by the Primary Industries Ministerial Council.

The Grains Industry National RD&E Strategy is one of more than 20 industry sector and cross-sectoral strategies devised as part of the National Primary Industries RD&E Framework. The development of the framework, which commenced in 2007, is intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the national RD&E capability by strengthening collaboration and coordination between government agencies, research institutions and industry. The framework is based on a model of national research, regional development and local extension. More information on the national framework and sectoral strategies is available from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry website (www.daff.gov.au).

The process of developing the Grains Industry National RD&E Strategy commenced in 2009. The GRDC was a key member of the committee that designed the strategy, working with grain grower representatives, Australian Government and state government agencies, CSIRO and universities. The development of the strategy involved extensive consultation with participants across the grains industry value chain and RD&E providers, as well as expert analysis of relevant industry reviews and jurisdictional plans.

The Grains Industry National RD&E Strategy sets out a detailed framework for achieving a highly efficient RD&E sector able to deliver ‘a profitable, competitive and sustainable grains industry with spill-over benefits to the broader agricultural sector, the food processing industry and the Australian community’. More information on the Grains Industry National RD&E Strategy is available from the GRDC website (www.grdc.com.au).

Photo of grain grower Robert Woods with silos and storage bins in the background. Photo credit Brad Collis

Recognising that a relatively small pool of research dollars will go further if there is a clear strategy for reducing duplication and fragmentation, the grains industry has produced a framework for building RD&E capacity in particular research areas.

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