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Strategic Research & Development Plan 2012-17

Theme 4—Advancing profitable farming systems

This theme aims to provide growers and their advisers with the tools to design and manage a farming system with the flexibility to adapt and respond; manage risk; and generate profit.

The ’Advancing profitable farming systems’ theme will:

  • ensure that research results from the other themes are integrated on farm
  • undertake production agronomy research for systems development
  • provide an important conduit for identifying on-farm production constraints and opportunities to inform activities in other themes.

The investment strategies for this theme will differ across agroecological zones and farming systems, and will be a combination of:

  • applied farming systems research to overcome major, widespread regional constraints
  • short-term development and extension activities to improve technologies or practices for a target group of growers in an agroecological zone.

Figure 9 details the aspirational and intermediate outcomes for this theme, as well as the performance measures.

Figure 9

Planned outcomes for Theme 4—Advancing profitable farming systems

Aspirational outcome (10+ years)

Australian grain growers managing farming systems that are able to respond and adapt to changing environmental and market conditions to reduce risk and deliver an increase in profitability.

Intermediate outcomes (5 years)

Planned outcomes for Theme 4—Advancing profitable farming systems

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