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Strategic Research & Development Plan 2012-17

Theme 3—Protecting your crop

This theme aims to develop cost-effective control options that prevent pests, weeds and diseases from causing crop yield and quality losses, and increase growers’ profit.

Existing control measures for pests, weeds and diseases require ongoing review in light of:

  • potential and actual incursions of exotic pests
  • changes in regulation of pesticide use and access
  • the need to
    • reduce the cost and increase the speed of delivery of resistant and tolerant varieties
    • manage herbicide and pesticide resistance
    • provide ongoing stewardship of gene technology and pesticide products to support long-term access.

The ‘Protecting your crop’ theme develops the cultural, chemical and genetic options available to manage key pests, weeds and diseases in each region. Management options need to take into account cost-effectiveness, resilience of control strategies and flexibility to fit different farming systems.

Figure 8 details the aspirational and intermediate outcomes for this theme, as well as the performance measures.

Figure 8

Planned outcomes for Theme 3—Protecting your crop

Aspirational outcome (10+ years)

Australian grain growers managing their farms to maximise profit and reduce risk by adopting effective, sustainable and efficient control of weeds, pests and diseases.

Intermediate outcomes (5 years)

Planned outcomes for Theme 3—Protecting your crop

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