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Strategic Research & Development Plan 2012-17

Theme 1—Meeting market requirements

This theme describes the framework for the GRDC’s investments in grain quality and functionality to help growers maintain and expand access to markets.

Australia’s domestic and international customers seek a consistent supply of grain that is both:

  • a quality product that is compliant with statutory and customer-specific requirements
  • a functional product that performs reliably for the desired end use.

To deliver highest value to growers, the GRDC must understand the requirements and the dynamics of current domestic and export markets for feed and food grains, and those of likely future markets.

Through the ‘Meeting market requirements’ theme, the GRDC will interact closely with participants in the Australian grains value chain to better understand market requirements, particularly for quality and functionality, to enable growers to maintain or increase access to current markets, and secure access to new higher valued markets.

Figure 6 details the aspirational and intermediate outcomes for this theme, as well as the performance measures.

Figure 6

Planned outcomes for Theme 1—Meeting market requirements

Aspirational outcome (10+ years)

Australian grain growers maintain and increase access to current and future grain markets by aligning on-farm production practices with quality and functionality requirements.

Intermediate outcomes (5 years)

Planned outcomes for Theme 1—Meeting market requirements

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