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Strategic Research & Development Plan 2012-17

Deliver regionally

Growers need access to the best possible information and research findings to maximise the performance of their businesses. Growers use numerous channels to obtain information, increasingly involving input from agribusiness and private consultants. The GRDC recognises the need to work closely with the private extension sector.

The GRDC has been investing in grains-related RD&E for more than 20 years. During this period the GRDC, with its partners, has generated a considerable quantity of information from research outputs and findings, much of which remains relevant today. Significant improvements in production and profit can be realised if this current information is packaged in easy-to-use products and services that are tailored to growers in local regions.

Typically, research results have been communicated to industry through GRDC Grower Updates, GRDC Adviser Updates, Ground Cover, fact sheets, media releases, communication campaigns and the GRDC website. While these remain important communication channels, new information technologies such as mobile phone applications provide an opportunity to communicate the results of GRDC-funded research more effectively.

Networking is a vital element of this strategy. The GRDC’s Regional Cropping Solutions networks will listen to the local needs of growers and their advisers, and deliver customised products and services. These networks are the foundation for issue identification, priority setting and adoption of outcomes from RD&E.

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